Customer Service Request Form

For emergency or urgent repairs such as flooding, leaks, broken windows, rooms too hot or cold, power outages, elevator issues or other problems which pose an immediate health, safety, or security risk, please call the Work Control Center immediately at 559.278.2373, do not submit a form.

If you are experiencing an emergency during non-business hours, please call University Police at 559.278.8400.

Please be aware, non-maintenance requests may result in a chargeback to the department.

Status Checks: If you would like to follow up on a previously submitted service request please call 559.278.2373. Do not complete a second customer service request.

NOTE: After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email. For any questions please call 559.278.2373.

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Special Funding Request  : *

Select this option if you are requesting a billable service that will be funded with a different chart field string than Facilities Management has on file for your department.

Please click submit only once, you will receive an acknowledgement page indicating your request has been sent.

✝Based on current job schedules, Plant Operations may or may not be able to complete services by this date.